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ACTOR WRITER PRODUCER FILMMAKER • Images are owned by Donnalee Roberts. Permission must be obtained before using or. Darsteller: DonnaLee. Einschussloch ist auf seinem weiГџen T-Shirt mitten in millionГ¤r HГ¶re "​Honda Civic" kette auf Amazon Music Unlimited (ad) Was. MillionГ¤re Kniha návštev. Von diesen kommen zwei, die Isotope Re und Re​, natürlich vor. Re, das mit einem Anteil von 37,40 % an der natürlichen.

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Either way you will live into your story. By the power invested in me, I hereby anoint you as "worthy" from now until forever more Universe, if anyone has something great coming to them and they're not willing to take it, send it to me!

Money will only make you more of what you already are When you find a penny on the ground pick it up and say "I am a money magnet, thank you!

There's nothing wrong with getting a steady paycheck, unless it interfered with your ability to earn what you're worth. There's he rub.

It usually does Never have a ceiling on your income You'll never get rich working on a straight salary for someone else. If you're going to get a job, make sure you get laid on percentage.

Otherwise, go work for yourself The vast majority of millionaires became rich by being in their own business Wealth file Rich people think "both".

Rich people live in a world of abundance. Poor people live in a world of limitations. Ask yourself how can I have both? Net worth factors income, savings, investments and simplification Parkinson's law "expenses will always rise in direct proportion to income" Where attention goes, energy flows and results show Wealth file Rich people manage their money well.

Until you show you can handle what you've got, you won't get any more The habit of managing your money is more important than the amount Either you control money or it will control you Wealth file Rich people have their money work hard for them.

Poor people work hard for their money The more your money works, the less you will have to work Harv's definition of financial freedom is the ability to love the lifestyle you desire without having to work or rely on anyone else for money Buying things for immediate gratification is nothing more than a futile attempt to make up for our dissatisfaction in life Don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait Poor people see a dollar as a dollar to trade for something they want right now, rich people see every dollar as a "seed" that can be planted to earn a hundred more dollars, which can be replanted to earn a thousand more dollars Wealth file 16 Rich people act in spite of fear.

Affirmations, meditations, and visualizations is a part of the inner world. Action is the bridge between the inner world and the outer world What prevents us from taking action?

Fear, doubt, worry You have to train yourself to not be stopped by anything Of you are willing to do only what's easy, life will be hard.

But if you are willing to do what's hard, life will be easy. Everything is uncomfortable at the beginning but if you stick with it and continue, you will eventually move through the comfort zone and succeed.

Then you will have a new, expanded comfort zone, which means you will have become a "bigger" person Wealth file Rich people constantly learn and grow.

It's a must read! It changes your perspective on things. Jul 21, Greg rated it did not like it. This book sucks. It's a long commercial for Eker's seminars and network marketing businesses.

I read a lot of this kind of make-a-million book, and I'm not cynical, so trust me. Eker relates 19 differences in thinking between rich and poor people.

But there's a certain type of rich person who. He mixes practical though vague and tired wisdom with neurolinguistic and mystical crappola.

You can have a better vers This book sucks. You can have a better version of this book by listening to old Jim Rohn talks on YouTube.

In fact, Eker seems to have lifted a good deal of his material from Rohn. For example, Rohn said "How high does a tree grow? As high as it possibly can!

Trees don't grow halfway, only people do less than they can. This is not the only example. Don't waste your time and money on this book.

Eker wants to be your guru, but there are better gurus if you want them. Or you could just learn and practice on your own. Nov 07, Jason Navallo rated it really liked it.

Good read for anyone who wants to become successful. I read it in a couple of days on the train. I learned quite a few things, but I wish there were more examples in the book, and a little more information about the author's career.

Mar 12, Cristian rated it did not like it. I laughed so much reading this book. This is more like a bible book which you should read once a month and spread the word of Eker to of your friends.

Also there isn't a single practical financial advice that anyone could use from it. Every now and then there are some lame testimonials of people who attended this guy's seminaries and dramatically changed their lives.

The book is mostly an attempt of brainwashing it's readers into going to the seminaries which are mentioned a LOT.

Don't read this I laughed so much reading this book. Don't read this book before you buy a nice mirror which you can convince daily that you have the mind of a millionaire by touching your head with your forefinger.

Jun 25, Sergiu Floroaia rated it it was ok. A few quotes for your Instagram photo on a yacht. Oct 22, Jay rated it really liked it.

It's also about contributing to others. It's about living true to your mission and reason for being here on this earth at this time.

It's about adding your piece of the puzzle to the world. Most people are so stuck to their egos that everything revolves around me, me, and more me.

But if you want to be rich in the truest sense of the word, it can't Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - Being true to your mission This is from the book - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

But if you want to be rich in the truest sense of the word, it can't only be about you. It has to include adding value to other people's lives.

I connected to this and I feel like what I'm really doing right now in IMG is my piece of the puzzle to this world. In my company, it's really about the mission and changing people's lives for the better through financial education.

Our country lacks this, and there are so many lives wasting away because people are too caught up doing the things that don't really matter, and yet they wonder why they are still in the rat race They own the best toys thinking that their retirement plan would come easy when they're older.

That's way too wrong! Wake up. It doesn't. You may earn more when you're older but it will only be harder to save since your lifestyle also changes, you spend more.

And before you know it, you haven't really saved anything significant. What will you do then? Keep working after 60?

Depend on your kids for your needs? Guess when all the illnesses will come in? That's right! When you're old and if you lacked the foresight, you probably didn't save enough either.

Too bad. Apr 09, Reid rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I wouldn't recommend this book. Shelves: money-management.

The author's premise is that each of us has a financial blueprint that determines how much wealth we acquire and keep. His premise is that a person can increase one's 'blueprint' if one thinks and acts like a wealthy person.

The second part of the book is the explanation of the 17 most important differences in the way a rich person thinks compared to the way a poor person thinks.

There is just enough truth in this book to make it believable and appealing to some folks. Th The author's premise is that each of us has a financial blueprint that determines how much wealth we acquire and keep.

There are some good thoughts, practical thoughts and even some Biblical thoughts about money but it's framed in such idolistic framework that it is hard to swallow and follow.

I don't want to live my life centered, focused and consumed by accumulating wealth. It is building one's life on a foundation of shifting sand to do so.

I want to build my life on the Rock and pursuing the rule and reign of the King in the Kingdom of God.

View 2 comments. Jan 23, Jenna Regis rated it it was amazing. I've read this book 3 times now, and each time I get something new out of it.

Teaches you to expand your mind, how to think like a highly successful person, teaches you to eliminate previous ways of thinking and expand your horizons.

Truly motivating. Jun 28, Brianna rated it did not like it. I can't believe I made it through this book. The only thing that got me through was the fact it was an audio book and I could do other worthwhile activities while consuming this BS.

I'll give it one star for its few decent quotes, but otherwise, I strongly recommend you put this book back on the shelf you picked it up from and go in another direction.

This book is based in the classic, self help, 'harness-the-power-of-the-universe-and-put-forth-your-intentions-and-all-shall-be-yours' hokey Wow!

This book is based in the classic, self help, 'harness-the-power-of-the-universe-and-put-forth-your-intentions-and-all-shall-be-yours' hokey baloney.

I'm of the opinion that if I have spent good money on the book thankfully I did not waste my money and instead utilized my library membership I shouldn't have to also attend a seminar to actually get some direction and advice.

Some interesting pieces of advice this book spouts off: -you shouldn't hang out with poor people or you will be poor! I feel like it's common sense that we associate with people in the same income bracket as us!

These are our neighbours, the people who spend time at the same golf club or sports facility as us, their kids attend the same PUBLIC school as our kids!

Come on! I know SOME people have done it, but it's the exception, not the rule. Oh wait, there I go, thinking like a poor person!

And developing passive income, yes! But for the most part, this book just doesn't offer the tangible advice I was in search of.

If you're into the power of manifestation, good for you, it's just not for me. And if that is your thing and it's been working for you, this book could really be up your alley, however, if your focus is more towards the physical, visual aspects of life, you won't enjoy this book, and that being my position in life, I can not recommend this book as a quality read.

Nov 16, Brian Johnson rated it it was amazing Shelves: modern-classics , wealth. Here's a quick look at some of my favorite big ideas this book is so full of them I had to stop myself at 21!

Here are some of the Big Ideas: 1. Playing to Win - vs. Playing not to lose. Declarations - vs. Sep 27, Victor Da Luz rated it did not like it.

I'm really confused as to why this has such a high rating here. Get a few generic pieces of positive mindset advice, add a whole lot of ridiculous magical thinking and a blatant disregard for the role that privilege and institutional issues have in the potential for people to achieve wealth.

Oh and don't forget to make sure that you tell people that if it doesn't work, it's their own fault. I almost stopped reading and asked for a refund when he called Trump a "self made millionaire", but gave it I'm really confused as to why this has such a high rating here.

I almost stopped reading and asked for a refund when he called Trump a "self made millionaire", but gave it a chance and continued.

Once he recommended "network marketing" as serious advice, then I knew that the secret of the millionaire mind is to write a bullshit scam book to promote your bullshit scam seminars and sell it to a bunch of suckers and probably pay for fake reviews.

May 03, Nita rated it did not like it Shelves: nonfiction. Like the title implies, it's a self-help book attempting to teach you how to create a millionaire mind through positive thinking with which to attract wealth to your life.

It smacks of "The Secret," another book I detested. The book has such an "us" and "them" attitude that I couldn't really get into it.

It's probably filled with wonderful stuff as many other reviewers believe, but it's not th If you hated "Think and Grow Rich" or "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" as did I, you'll probably hate this one too.

It's probably filled with wonderful stuff as many other reviewers believe, but it's not the book for me. May 10, Zara Steen rated it it was amazing.

This book offers a wealth of knowledge, and knowledge is power. It was eye opening, accessible and smart.

I appreciate the way each section is written as Eker challenges your perspectives to be more conducive to personal growth.

I highly recommend it for those open to discovering more about themselves. It is for people who are tired of suffering the same with little to no results and want to change their thoughts and their relationship with wealth.

This book isn't just about reading and learning This book offers a wealth of knowledge, and knowledge is power. Waiving wireless roaming fees up to April 30, , and home internet overage charges for customers without unlimited data plans up to June 30, Providing families currently participating in our Internet for Good program with a credit for free service and recently expanding the program to people living with disabilities who receive financial disability assistance from the provincial governments in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.

Expanding our Mobility for Good program to hospital workers, providing a credit for wireless service to frontline healthcare workers at hospitals across the country that have been significantly impacted by the COVID pandemic.

Donating over 14, devices and tablets to enable isolated seniors, hospitalized patients and vulnerable Canadians stay connected. Launching our StandWithOwners initiative to support Canadian small businesses.

Avoiding layoffs by redeploying front line team members, including those directly impacted by store closures, into other areas of the business requiring additional support.

Reallocating our capital expenditures in to provide Canadians with the network speed, reliability and coverage and to stay connected as well as accelerating our PureFibre capital investments in Calgary.

Empowering team members to continue to be productive while working from home by providing alternate arrangements to balance COVID pandemic-related impacts, such as school closures Ensuring the health and well-being of our team members by implementing strict hygiene and physical distancing standards for the remaining employees who continue to work at TELUS premises or in a customer-facing role, both domestically and internationally.

All information pertaining to shares outstanding and per-share amounts in this news release for periods before March 17, , reflects retrospective treatment of the two-for-one share split 4 Capital expenditures include assets purchased, excluding right-of-use lease assets, but not yet paid for, and consequently differ from Cash payments for capital assets, excluding spectrum licences, as reported in the interim consolidated financial statements.

Refer to Note 31 of the interim consolidated financial statements for further information. Effective for the third quarter of , with retrospective application to the launch of TELUS-branded security services at the beginning of the third quarter of , we have added security subscriber connections to our total subscriber connections.

December 31, security subscriber connections have been increased to include approximately , subscribers related to our acquisition ADT Security Services Canada, Inc.

ADT Canada acquired on November 5, Device financing programs, which provide transparency of full device costs resulting in customers deferring device upgrade purchases also contributed to the decrease.

This decrease reflects the impacts caused by the COVID pandemic including: i changing customer behaviour related to travel restrictions, as well as our decision to temporarily waive roaming charges for customers in response to the pandemic; ii the closure of 90 per cent of our conventional retail stores for an undetermined period of time, which hindered customer opportunities for device upgrades and the upgrade or selection of higher-tier plans; iii decreases in chargeable data usage as more people work from home and offload their mobile devices onto Wi-Fi networks; and iv our decision to temporarily waive late payment charges, partly offset by: v increased chargeable voice usage revenue primarily generated in the early stages of the COVID pandemic prior to the easing of certain related restrictions.

Mobile phone ABPU was also impacted by continued declines in chargeable data usage, and the impact of the competitive environment putting pressure on base rate plan prices in the current and prior periods.

Mobile phone ABPU declination was partly offset by growth resulting from our combined TELUS Easy Payment device financing, Peace of Mind endless data plans and TELUS Family Discount offerings, which we introduced at the beginning of the third quarter of , with customers selecting plans with endless data or larger data buckets and higher-value smartphones in the sales mix.

Mobile phone ARPU also continues to be impacted by the continued trend of declining chargeable usage and the impact of the competitive environment putting pressure on base rate plan prices.

These declines more than offset the increased number of customers selecting higher-tier plans with endless data or larger data buckets.

Mobile phone churn rate was 0. Mobile phone gross additions were ,, reflecting a decrease of 68, compared to the same period a year prior.

This decline is reflective of reduced customer-switching activity between carriers and the closure of certain conventional sales channels for an undetermined period of time in response to the COVID pandemic.

The decline more than offset growth in the Canadian population, successful promotions and expanded channels, including enhancing the use of our digital footprint.

Total subscriber net additions were 94,, compared to , in the prior year. Mobile phone net additions were 61, in the second quarter of , a decrease of 21, Mobile connected device net additions of 33, as compared to 72, in the second quarter of , as growth in our consumer health personal emergency response system devices was more than offset by lower IoT gross additions from reduced business customer activity.

This was partially offset by higher equipment margins and enhanced cost efficiency programs in response to the COVID pandemic.

This growth was partly offset by a 5. Data services revenue growth was driven by a combination of higher revenues from our diverse portfolio of solutions, including our TI customer care and business services which included contribution from our acquisition of Competence Call Center CCC , growth in business volumes from both expanded services and customer growth, partly offset by temporary disruptions due to government-mandated site closures in response to the COVID pandemic.

Increased revenues from home and business smart technology including security which included contribution from our acquisition of ADT Canada, internet and third wave data services, and TV also contributed to growth.

Additionally, this growth was driven by increased revenues from our virtual care solutions. This growth was partly offset by impacts resulting from the COVID pandemic, including a decline in health revenue mainly from the temporary closures of our conventional Medisys and Copeman clinics for all non-essential services and reduced health benefit claims, in addition to lower revenue from business customers as they redeploy their resources.

Data services revenues growth was also impacted the ongoing decline in legacy data service revenues. Internet net additions of 37, improved by 12,, due to continued net new demand from consumers and businesses as we keep our customers connected through offering a range of installation options including virtual installations, as well as improved churn resulted from our customer first initiatives and retention programs and reduced switching activity between providers due to the COVID pandemic.

Additionally, we continued our focus on connecting more homes and businesses directly to fibre. TV net additions were 8,, a decrease of 8,, mainly due to lower gross additions as a result of the impact of the COVID pandemic and the changing landscape of increased streaming services, partly offset by lower customer churn rate from strong retention efforts and reduced switching activity due to the COVID pandemic.

Security net additions of 12,, reflecting an increase of 1,, was driven by strong organic growth as we keep our customers connected and protected through offering a range of installation options and demand from our bundled product offerings.

Residential voice net losses of 10, increased by 1, compared to the same period a year ago. The residential voice subscriber losses continue to reflect the trend of substitution by wireless and internet-based services, partially mitigated by our expanding fibre footprint and bundled product offerings and our strong retention efforts, including lower-priced offerings.

This decrease reflects: impacts from the COVID pandemic including the temporary capacity disruptions in our TI business due to government-mandated site closures, the impacts to our health business from the temporary closures of Medisys and Copeman clinics and reduced health benefit claims, customers first initiatives including temporary overage waives, and increased bad debt expense.

As well, lower Adjusted EBITDA in the second quarter of was impacted by continued declines in legacy voice and legacy data services, higher employee benefits expense mainly from business acquisitions and to support TI revenue growth, and a decline in the EBITDA contribution from our legacy business services.

These factors were partly offset by an increased contribution from the TI acquisition of CCC, expanded services for existing customers and customer growth, growth from our home and business smart technology including security , and higher internet margins.

Risks and uncertainties that could cause actual performance or events to differ materially from the forward-looking statements made herein and in other TELUS filings include, but are not limited to, the following: The COVID pandemic including its impacts on our customers, our team members and our communities, as well as changes resulting from the pandemic to our business and operations including to the demand for and supply of the products and services that we offer and the channels through which we offer them.

Regulatory decisions and developments including changes to our regulatory regime the timing of announcement or implementation of which are uncertain or the outcomes of proceedings, cases or inquiries relating to its application, including but not limited to those set out in Section 9.

President Donald Trump permitting the Secretary of Commerce to block certain technology transactions deemed to constitute national security risks and the imposition of additional licence requirements on the export, re-export and transfer of goods, services and technology to Huawei Technologies Co.

Capital expenditure levels and potential outlays for spectrum licences in auctions or purchases from third parties , affect and are affected by: our broadband initiatives, including connecting more homes and businesses directly to fibre; our ongoing deployment of newer wireless technologies, including wireless small cells to improve coverage and capacity; investments in network resiliency and reliability; including to address changes in usage resulting from restrictions imposed in response to COVID; the allocation of resources to acquisitions and future wireless spectrum auctions held by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada ISED , including the MHz and millimetre wave spectrum auctions with both currently expected to take place in , and the announcement of a formal consultation on the auctioning of MHz spectrum, expected to take place in Our capital expenditure levels could be impacted if we do not achieve our targeted operational and financial results or by changes to our regulatory environment.

Operational performance and business combination risks including: our reliance on legacy systems and ability to implement and support new products and services and business operations in a timely manner; our ability to manage the requirements of large enterprise deals; our ability to implement effective change management for system replacements and upgrades, process redesigns and business integrations such as our ability to successfully integrate acquisitions, complete divestitures or establish partnerships in a timely manner and realize expected strategic benefits, including those following compliance with any regulatory orders ; our ability to identify and manage new risks inherent in new service offerings that we may provide, including as a result of acquisitions, which could result in damage to our brand, our business in the relevant area or as a whole, and additional exposure to litigation or regulatory proceedings.

Data protection including risks that malfunctions or unlawful acts could result in unauthorized access to, change, loss, or distribution of data, which may compromise the privacy of individuals and could result in financial loss and harm to our reputation and brand.

Security threats including intentional damage or unauthorized access to our physical assets or our IT systems and networks, which could prevent us from providing reliable service or result in unauthorized access to our information or that of our customers.

Ability to successfully implement cost reduction initiatives and realize planned savings, net of restructuring and other costs, without losing customer service focus or negatively affecting business operations.

Examples of these initiatives are: our operating efficiency and effectiveness program to drive improvements in financial results; business integrations; business product simplification; business process automation and outsourcing; offshoring and reorganizations; procurement initiatives; and real estate rationalization.

Foreign operations and our ability to successfully manage operations in foreign jurisdictions, including managing risks such as currency fluctuations.

Business continuity events including: our ability to maintain customer service and operate our network in the event of human error or human-caused threats, such as cyberattacks and equipment failures that could cause various degrees of network outages; supply chain disruptions, delays and economics, including as a result of government restrictions or trade actions; natural disaster threats; epidemics; pandemics including the ongoing COVID pandemic ; political instability in certain international locations; information security and privacy breaches, including data loss or theft of data; and the completeness and effectiveness of business continuity and disaster recovery plans and responses.

Human resource matters including: recruitment, retention and appropriate training in a highly competitive industry, the level of our employee engagement, and the health of our team.

Our business plans and growth could be negatively affected if existing financing is not sufficient to cover our funding requirements.

Lower than planned free cash flow could constrain our ability to invest in operations, reduce leverage or return capital to shareholders, and could affect our ability to sustain our dividend growth program through This program may be affected by factors such as the competitive environment, economic performance in Canada, our earnings and free cash flow, our levels of capital expenditures and spectrum licence purchases, acquisitions, the management of our capital structure, regulatory decisions and developments, and business continuity events.

Quarterly dividend decisions are subject to assessment and determination by our Board of Directors based on our financial position and outlook.

Taxation matters including: interpretation of complex domestic and foreign tax laws by the relevant tax authorities that may differ from our interpretations; the timing and character of income and deductions, such as tax depreciation and operating expenses; tax credits or other attributes; changes in tax laws, including tax rates; tax expenses being materially different than anticipated, including the taxability of income and deductibility of tax attributes; elimination of income tax deferrals through the use of different tax year-ends for operating partnerships and corporate partners; and changes to the interpretation of tax laws, including those resulting from changes to applicable accounting standards or the adoption of more aggressive auditing practices by tax authorities, tax reassessments or adverse court decisions impacting the tax payable by us.

Litigation and legal matters including: our ability to successfully respond to investigations and regulatory proceedings; our ability to defend against existing and potential claims and lawsuits including intellectual property infringement claims and class actions based on consumer claims, data, privacy or security breaches and secondary market liability , or to negotiate and execute upon indemnity rights or other protections in respect of such claims and lawsuits; and the complexity of legal compliance in domestic and foreign jurisdictions, including compliance with competition, anti-bribery and foreign corrupt practices laws.

Health, safety and the environment including: lost employee work time resulting from illness or injury, public concerns related to radio frequency emissions, environmental issues affecting our business, including climate change, waste and waste recycling, risks relating to fuel systems on our properties, changing government and public expectations regarding environmental matters and our responses; and challenges associated with the COVID pandemic and our response to it, which may add to or accentuate these factors.

Economic growth and fluctuations including: the state of the economy in Canada, which may be influenced by economic and other developments outside of Canada, including potential outcomes of yet unknown policies and actions of foreign governments and the ongoing COVID pandemic as well as public and private sector responses to the pandemic; expectations of future interest rates; inflation; unemployment levels; effects of fluctuating oil prices; effects of low business spending such as reducing investments and cost structure ; pension investment returns, funding and solvency discount rates; fluctuations in foreign exchange rates of the currencies in the regions in which we operate; the impact of tariffs on trade between Canada and the U.

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Second quarters ended June There have been more than 22, county residents tested, with the positive rate holding steady at 4.

There have been recoveries in the county and 11 deaths. One death was newly reported this week. YCCHS reported Friday that there are two new diagnoses in the City of Cottonwood since its last report on Thursday, bringing the total for the city to Clarkdale is unchanged at 28 cases; Rimrock is unchanged at 14; Cornville is unchanged at 17 and there is one "Verde Valley other" case.

The Cottonwood hos-pital is using five of its 13 critical care ICU beds. That facility is using of its beds, and is also using 37 of its 55 ICU beds.

So far in July, in only 12 days, there have already been more than 38, new positive results in the state, as well as deaths.

Maricopa County has the highest number of coronavirus cases in Arizona with more than 80,, as of Sun-day, with more than 1, deaths.

Pinal County has more than 5, cases. Navajo County has passed the 4, mark; Apache County has more than 2,; Coconino County has 2,, with 30 new cases announced Sunday, and Santa Cruz County has almost 2, documented cases.

People between the ages of 20 and 44 have had the highest number of positive tests more than 61, with deaths.

Seniors in the and-older age group have had more than 16, people test positive with 1, deaths. ADHS reports 5, Arizonans have been hospitalized for coronavirus.

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